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Intraoral neuromodulation is cutting edge therapy  which  is designed to fill the gap where standard psychological and pharmacological  care have yielded  less than satisfactory clinical results  in helping  to alleviate PTSD associated nightmares,  headaches and sleep disruptions . This novel therapy uses  a tried and true device which has now  been discovered to  also have the  capability to  modulate or change the neurological input from the muscles of mastication and other intraoral receptors.  The intraoral neuromodulator  or   intraoral- neuroprosthesis is a slight modification of the standard mandibular stabilization splint which has been in use by dentists  for over 50 years.  Therefore , this device has a safety record which is already well established and is FDA approved.  This device is non-electric and appears in a general sense to be similar to a " sports mouthguard" . 

A key discovery found  by Dr Moeller`s  research is that modification of the distance between the upper and lower jaws during the period of sleep causes a significant  reduction in  the intensity , duration and frequency of PTSD and mTBI/PTSD  associated nightmares, headaches and sleep disruptions.  In addition numerous patients  with PTSD who also had  sleep apnea and were being treated with a CPAP machine can also be significantly  be helped by this device when used in conjunction with their CPAP device. 


The exact neurophysiological mechanism by which this device exerts its effect is currently unknown, however  considering the  previously established safety record of this device, historically and in Dr Moeller`s clinical use ,it is entirely safe.  Research seems to indicate that those particular areas of the brain which are "upregulated" by the effects of PTSD  and mTBI  are ""downregulated " in some manner by use of this device.  In many cases the effects of the neuromodulator may be experienced within a  24 hour period.  Evidence for this is seen by the almost immediate effect it has on the nature   and content of  dreaming.  

It is very  encouraging to note that  ALL of Dr Moellers  " subjects"  in his two  studies had failed all standard psychotherapy  and pharmacological therapy for their nightmares, headaches and sleep disruptions.  Also a   very high percentage of the additional  300 patients treated with this device had  failed all other therapy for the control of these symptoms.  


It was also confirmed by Dr Moeller`s research that  even those patients who had experienced  PTSD and TBI/PTSD associated headaches, nightmares and sleep disruptions for DECADES still experienced a significant reduction in these symptioms. 

Vietnam Veterans who were below the age of 70 years old also benefited from use of this device.

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